Have you already legalised your stay in Poland? Don’t forget to register your car!

If you are staying in Poland for more than 185 days, have already legalised your stay and brought your car with you, you must exchange the previous registration certificate for one valid in Poland.

What documents do I need?

– residence card (karta pobytu) or visa type D or residence permit;

– a current registration certificate translated into Polish by a sworn translator REMEMBER! If you are a EU citizen you don’t have to translate your registration certificate;

– document proving payment of excise duty or exemption from payment of excise duty; (in order to do this you need to apply to the customs office);

– certificate of the Technical Inspection of the vehicle REMEMBER! If your vehicle does not have a valid technical inspection, you must get such inspection before visiting the office. A technical inspection of your vehicle can be done  at any vehicle inspection station in Poland, the fee for such inspection is 100 PLN).

– REMEMBER to take your old number plates with you. You have to give them at the Polish office in exchange for new Polish plates. REMEMBER! If your country has an obligation to return the number plates, it is sufficient for you to submit a written statement to the Polish office about the obligation to return the number plates in the country of the previous registration of the vehicle.

Where can I get a registration certificate?

If you’ve registered your address in Kraków, an application for a new polish registration certificate can be filed at:

– Kraków City Hall: ul. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, ul. Wielicka 28a, ul. Osiedle Zgody 2,

– branches of the Kraków City Hall located in the Bronowice, Bonarka and Serenada shopping malls.

How much should I pay?

Administrative costs for a new registration certificate is PLN 256. Additional costs related to the translation of documents, excise payment and technical inspection may be added to this amount.

Are there any penalties for not exchanging a registration certificate?

If you do not exchange your registration certificate for the one valid in Poland, there are no financial penalties, but in the event of a road inspection, the police officer has the right to retain your invalid document, which means that you will not be able to drive your car until you exchange a registration certificate for a valid one.

REMEMBER! Polish is the official language of the government institutions. Many officials speak only this language. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have an interpreter with you or to arrange the matter through an attorney, which makes the procedures much easier and faster.

You you have more questions about car registration or any other immigration-related issues in Poland contact us at sylwia@krakspire.com or visit our blog krakspire.com.

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